The Stygian Garden of Abelia Prem: Adversary Roster

Archer Cherubshoot anything that moves, look down on the world18120’ flying212Stone Arrows: (range 20/40/80) 1d8 damage and cherub suffers 1 damage each time it fires an arrow, regenerates at a rate of 1HP/day12
Buzzard Dandylook good, embarrass rivals, eat well, survive12120’ flying26Bite: 1d4 damage2
Cave Batcatch food, go unseen, survive13240’ flying12Bite: 1d4 damage4
Giant Spidertrap prey, survive1490’312Bite: 1d4 damage and save v. poison or take 1d8 damage the following round8
Grandfather Toadwallow moistly, catch food, survive1260’418Tongue Lash: 1d3 damage and save v. paralyze or be swallowed whole and take 1d6 damage/round10
Green SlimeNANANA310Contact: 2d6 damage every round until removed, immune to all damage except fire/acid/magicNA
Grotesque Spouterclimb buildings, dissolve organics1860’530Acid Spout: (range 10/20/30) 2d10 damage and save v. breath weapon for half damage only usable every d4 rounds12
Ivy Vipersuffocate the warm-blooded, lay eggs, survive12120’12Bite: save v. poison or die in 1d4 minutes4
Marble Knighthit anything that moves, keep walking19120’636Granite Sword: 1d10 damage12
Poisonous Toadcatch food, survive1430’24Contact: save v. poison or take 1d6 damage the following round4
Rat Swarmeat, breed, spread filth12120’210Bites: 1d4 and save v. poison or contract disease, only takes 50% from piercing attacks and only takes 1 point from slashing attacks8
Russet MoldNANANA522Spores: save v. poison or contract infection causing 1d4 damage/day, immune to all damage except fire/acid/magicNA
Saffronescape the cage22240’ flying13Bite: 1d2 damage12
Stranglecreeperdigest animals, grow larger, survive1215’312Strangle: 1d6 damage12
Wild Manavoid people, live in comfort12120’26Fist: 1d2 damage7