What Went Wrong in the Stygian Garden: Reaction Rolls

It started with the spider.

They encountered it in the manor courtyard, and the reaction roll was hostile. Surely an antagonistic giant spider would try to chew your face off?

Apparently that made it stupid, too. My bad. The spider leapt and tried to bite, but was deflected. The counterattack bloodied it. It failed the subsequent morale check and fled.

Overall, it was an anti-climactic first encounter.

The pattern continued with the animated statuary. All of the constructs have a Morale of 12 – implacable lithic Terminators seeking the destruction of player characters.

That was, in hindsight, an over-narrow view. Why should they care about fleshy bipeds? So, I extended the bestiary with interests for each creature.

Presented below is the (modified from the original module) chart I used. A PDF version is also available.


Archer Cherubshoot anything that moves, look down on the world18120’ flying212Stone Arrows: (range 20/40/80) 1d8 damage and cherub suffers 1 damage each time it fires an arrow, regenerates at a rate of 1HP/day12
Buzzard Dandylook good, embarrass rivals, eat well, survive12120’ flying26Bite: 1d4 damage2
Cave Batcatch food, go unseen, survive13240’ flying12Bite: 1d4 damage4
Giant Spidertrap prey, survive1490’312Bite: 1d4 damage and save v. poison or take 1d8 damage the following round8
Grandfather Toadwallow moistly, catch food, survive1260’418Tongue Lash: 1d3 damage and save v. paralyze or be swallowed whole and take 1d6 damage/round10
Green SlimeNANANA310Contact: 2d6 damage every round until removed, immune to all damage except fire/acid/magicNA
Grotesque Spouterclimb buildings, dissolve organics1860’530Acid Spout: (range 10/20/30) 2d10 damage and save v. breath weapon for half damage only usable every d4 rounds12
Ivy Vipersuffocate the warm-blooded, lay eggs, survive12120’12Bite: save v. poison or die in 1d4 minutes4
Marble Knighthit anything that moves, keep walking19120’636Granite Sword: 1d10 damage12
Poisonous Toadcatch food, survive1430’24Contact: save v. poison or take 1d6 damage the following round4
Rat Swarmeat, breed, spread filth12120’210Bites: 1d4 and save v. poison or contract disease, only takes 50% from piercing attacks and only takes 1 point from slashing attacks8
Russet MoldNANANA522Spores: save v. poison or contract infection causing 1d4 damage/day, immune to all damage except fire/acid/magicNA
Saffronescape the cage22240’ flying13Bite: 1d2 damage12
Stranglecreeperdigest animals, grow larger, survive1215’312Strangle: 1d6 damage12
Wild Manavoid people, live in comfort12120’26Fist: 1d2 damage7